The names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Bloodbowl Match – Skaven V Halflings

The teams:


Mutant Star Player

Rat Ogre Star Player

8 Linemen

2 Blitzers

2 Re-rolls


Treeman Star Player

2 Ogres

13 linemen


2 Re-rolls

At the beginning of the match the Halfling Chef rolled a 1 (a portent of the future) and added a re-roll to his team and reduced the Skaven re-rolls to 1. The game started with perfect Bloodbowl weather. The Skaven coach set up with a Blitzer and a lineman on each wing, placed 3 linemen on the line of scrimmage and held the remaining linemen and star players in reserve to collect the ball and develop the drive.

The Halfling coach was praised for his Brilliant Coaching and received yet another re-roll. The ball was kicked the Skaven team picked up the ball passed it to the Skrit Skitter who pushed over the half-way line. The Halfings moved to cover the break knocking down a coupe of linemen on route.

Turn 2 saw the first Halfling killed outright, and “Mr Squeek” knocked down an Ogre. The Halflings moved to pressurise the Mutant with the ball, but the blitz attempt didn’t materialise. The Skaven coach collected a motley crew around the prone Ogre and declared a foul, but his armour held and the Mutant romped into the end zone after some dodging.

The teams lined up much as before in readiness for the kick off, and the Halfling coach was praised once again for his Brilliant Coaching and received yet a further Re-roll. The Skaven kick off placed the ball in the far right corner of the Halflings half of the field – another portent of doom. Most of the Halflings scurried forward into Skaven territory and a lone figure scurried back towards the ball.

4 “brave” Skaven joined in on a Block on one of the Ogres, only pushing him back and “Mr Squeek” Blitzed a Halfling, only managing a pushback. “Mattock Rumblebelly” KO’d a Skaven lineman and an Ogre knocked down another Skaven. The Halfling reached the ball, but dropped it!

“Mr Squeek” Blitzed an Ogre, knocking him down – the remaining Skaven move was spent consolidating their defence. “Mattock Rumblebelly”  Blitzed the Mutant, after going for it, but achieved only a pushback after a re-roll and the Halfling failed to pick up the ball. “Mr Squeek” Blocked the Ogre, stunning him this time. The Mutant slipped by “Mattock Rumblebelly” and made his way down field towards the ball.

Both Big Guys failed their activation roll – more 1’s and most of the Halflings pushed on up the field, a few falling back to provide cover for pass that must surely come. The ball was finally picked up after another re-roll, carried down field a bit. Most of the Skaven moved up to Halflings and the Mutant Blitzed the ball carrier, managing only a pushback – phew

The Halfling ball-carrier slipped past the Mutant and accurately passed the ball, which was duly caught by another Halfling, who in turn moved up field – the end zone loomed. More Blocking from the Skaven team saw mainly push backs and a Halfling down. The Skaven turn ended with a clash of heads as Skaven lineman Blocked a Halfling. The Skaven was KO’d and the Halfling is looking for a place in the Undead team now.

In the final turn of the half the Halfling with the ball drilled an accurate pass to the Halfling within reach of the Skaven end zone. The receiving Halfling ignored the attempts of the Skaven player next to him to foil his catch. All that remained was for him to slip the Skaven player and he’d tie the game at one-all. The dodge roll needed was a 3, a 2 – not enough, but I he had Dodge skill and tried again another 2 – falls over dropping the ball and losing the opportunity to make a score.

First half stats.

The Skaven killed 2 Halflings and KO’d one

The Halfling team completed 2 passes and KO’d 3 Skaven players

Oh and the Skaven also score a touchdown

I’ve not seen so many 1’s & 2’s thrown for ages by the Halfling team


The Halfling Chef rolled a 1 (great), gained a re-roll for his team and stole a re-roll from the Skaven team. The KO’d Halfling recovered, but only one of the 3 Skaven recovered.

The Second half

The Skaven kicked off but were down to 10 men, whilst the Halflings fielded the full 11. The Halflings were quick off the mark and enjoyed a quick snap, enabling the whole team to move 1 square before the game started. The Treeman leapt forward and KO’d the Rat Ogre in the first turn and the Halflings picked up the ball. The Skaven team consolidated and pressed in on the Halflings

The Halfling with the ball moved forward and made a quick pass to the Halfling standing next to an Ogre, who promptly dropped him, knocking him senseless. The Skaven spent a further turn positioning themselves to go in for the ball next time, knocking a couple of Halflings to the ground. The Halflings then managed to push the Skaven away from the ball, pick it up and an Ogre hurled the ball carrier down the pitch, who promptly scattered into the Mutant, both players were downed, but not harmed, and the ball rolled away.

The Mutant got to his feet, picked up the ball and moved down field. The rest of the Skaven moving to support the ball carrier. The Halflings moved to cover the break on their right, putting pressure in the Skaven nearest the ball carrier. The Mutant then went on a blitzing / dodging bonanza, slipping the Halflings defence and progressing towards the end zone, ready to score next turn.

Desperate times approached and a couple of Halflings ganged up on the Mutant and threw a one die block, downing the Mutant who dropped the ball. A Skaven Lineman killed the 3rd Halfling of the game and the mutant got to his feet, scooped up the ball and scored. Skaven 2 Halflings 0.

The Rat Ogre refused to wake up and join in whilst the teams were setting up for the next drive. A Bad Kick off by the Skaven lead to the Hafling adjacent to the Treeman, who picked him up, hurled him down the pitch to enable him to run into the end zone. Skaven 2 Halfling 1. With just a couple of turns to go the Skaven team tried to press on up the pitch and get one of their number in a position to score in the last turn of the game, but their plan failed when the initial pass was dropped

Final result excellent game and 2-1 to the Skaven Head Coach


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