More variety, more spice!

Vivitar Vivitar

A couple of pictures from April. The top one shows another week with several different systems being played, including War and Conquest, Trafalgar and Warmachine. The bottom picture is of a game of Infinity that seems to have become popular at the club.


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Variety is the spice of life!

What a busy night at the club last night. There are no less than 5 different games systems being played in the picture below. They are Trafalgar, Hordes & Warmachine, War and Conquest, Warhammer 40k and Bushido.

Games people play.

Games people play.

Initial reports suggest that the War and Conquest ‘Pax Romana’ campaign has seen initial success from the Roman commanders. Let’s hope they can keep the barbarians from the gates of Rome or civilisation as we know it could be undone!

We should be seeing a general increase in systems as Chain of Command, Warmaster Ancients and Dreadball have all been mentioned recently, so watch this space.


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SMOGCON 2014 – part 7

The Golden Thrall. There were some very nice entries in the competition. I popped a few of my Trolls in and the Hades. Ken popped in his Despoiler hoping for a sneaky coin. Sadly I missed the presentation due to the DZC tournament but I later learnt I had won three coins. A gold for my Runeshapers, a bronze for Gunnbjorn and his battle group and a gold for the Hades. Ken’s Despolier picked up a silver.








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SMOGCON 2014 – Part 6

The third day of SMOGCON was always going to be busiest for me. First up it was the Dropzone Commander tournament and later in the day the Golden Thrall. The Warmachine Masters was also a distraction, but sadly I wouldn’t be able to take part in the Speed Painting final as it clashed with the DZC tournament. I believe Ken was trying out Bushido and Tim was in the SMOGPIT, but I think there may have been a High Command tournament in the mix too – all a bit much to remember at this stage!
Anyway, the Dropzone tournament was a three game affair and I was really looking forward to seeing if my numerous games at the Big ‘Uns had prepared me for playing ‘outsiders’ effectively. First game I played none other than Hawk Simon so I could immediately get a feel for whether we had been playing the game in the right style. Simon was playing Scourge and had a lot of the new models in his list. I noticed his list contained a lot of infantry and a lot of aggressive flying units, but was light on armour. As you might expect Simon played quickly and he targeted my anti-air early leaving me unable to deal with his flyers. The game revolved around getting objectives out of buildings and he managed that rather better than I did so won convincingly. It was a good game but perhaps what was better was the reassurance that my knowledge of the game and style of play were sound.


The next game I got to turn the tables on the Scourge. I played a chap called Mark who was playing a very nicely painted army heavy with armour. In this game I had a lot more luck with the objectives and my PHR outgunned the Scourge menace with ease. Unfortunately no specific pics of this game but here is one that captures the atmosphere nicely.

In the final game I played a new scenario which involved five bunkers as focal points in which infantry were protected from shooting apart from flame weapons and CBQs. Across the table a PHR force including a Hades. This turned out to be a fantastic game that went right down to the wire. I dropped my heavy walker ‘Death Star’ in the middle of the board and got my Sirens and a group of Immortals into the pivotal bunker at the centre of the board. However, I left my home bunker very lightly defended and in the final turns my opponent made a daring raid down a flank putting just enough points within scoring distance to take it in the closing moments. Great stuff – this scenario was a real corker and I would like to play it again.



So, I finished 1/3 and had a great time. I would be much more confident in my next tourny and I would need to take more infantry. I think the heavy walker ‘Death Star’ is too inflexible so would be keen to mix in some of the new lighter walkers for variation. To finish a rare shot of me playing a game!


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SMOGCON 2014 – Part 5

A combination of still suffering from a cold, the rugby and the need to paint my PHR Hades for the Golden Thrall saw me sneaking back to the hotel room for a couple of hours in the afternoon. This was a feature I really enjoyed about SMOGCON : there was always something going on but it was possible to retreat for a bit and chill out. Anyway, I got a rest, saw England beat Ireland and painted the Hades. Result!
In the evening we went for a curry and met a nice bloke called Mark who had put a fantastic Retribution ‘jack into the Golden Thrall. Ken got experimental with his curry which looked as though it had been contaminated with necrotite, while we kept a close eye on Tim and his shandy consumption for fear of having to carry him home.

After the curry it was back to the hotel for a few beers and King of Tokyo. This was great fun enhanced by Tim’s authentic Manga cries of ‘Kraken’ and ‘fist him’ every time he got a chance to go on the attack (he had moved from shandy to lager by now). Towards the end of the session Nepalese Ninja, Conrad Gonsalves no less, joined us and there was much hilarity as he struggled with the dilemma of whether or not to ‘come out’ when in Tokyo City. Great game – I’ll be on the look out for a copy.



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SMOGCON 2014 – part 4

Day 2 kicked off pretty early with Tim and I in the SMOGPIT while I believe Ken continued with his High Command adventure.
I played two games in the morning. Both were 50 points and with Gunnbjorn. Game 1 was against a friendly chap playing Convergence. He helpfully told me that the key to beating his list was taking out the Clockwork Angels. The Convergence army looked intimidating lined up across the board, particularly as I had no idea what the models could do. Early in the game I was surprised when my opponents ‘caster whizzed across the board and landed pretty much in the middle of my army. It was a high risk strategy brought about in desperation as I had taken his advice and concentrated on successfully taking out the Clockwork Angels. Gunny, a Bomber and the Mountain King opened up, and although it was close thing, took the ‘caster down.

In the second game I played a delightful Spanish guy with Ravyn and a Retribution force. This was a real war of attrition on a bizarre scenario table with a huge tower that was an arc node in the centre.
Eventually the Mountain King faced off with Ravyn in one of those epic gaming moments but he didn’t quite have the capacity to take the ‘caster down. Fully furied up Gunny had no where to transfer and he was shot down by an arc noded spell and a Retribution ‘jack. This was a fantastic game and the best of the weekend for me even though I lost .



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SMOGCON 2014 – part 3

After playing a couple of games of Warmahordes, the cold I had, a bad nights sleep plus early start and lack of food, got the better of me. I grabbed some lunch then retired to bed to regroup for the evening session.
By this stage Ken was looking for a game of Warmahordes so we decided to have a 50 point game in the SMOGPIT over a couple of pints. Ken’s dirty Menoth frustrated my Trolls and he looked likely to walk away with an easy win. Unfortunately for the Menites eKreoss came a bit too close to the action while attempting to maximise his feat bubble. A Bomber stepped up to the mark nailing him with a couple of well placed shots. It was a good game and a nice change to be playing at a casual pace amongst so many like minded gamers over beers. A quick look around the venue showed it to still be alive even though it had gone midnight. A real pleasure to be finishing day 1 like this.



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