Following discussion on the club website I’ve started this blog to try and push for some awesome Warmahordes tables. The aim is to get as many people as possible to commit to making themed scenary for a 4 X 4 table. If this works out we will have a lot of fun, have some cool tables to play on, and can use pictures to help raise the profile of the club and future Warmachine events.

The rules are simple. We are aiming to get 8 tables done. If we cannot get enough people to commit so that 8 tables will be done, this dies a death now, no rerolls, no tough roll, no ward saves (whoops wrong system!) and that will be the end of it. Anything you make will be your own, but please make it available for club nights and Big ‘Uns events. If you want to post pics in this thread please do so. The deadline to complete the tables will be the end of February – lets keep it tight or it will drift and not get done!

Here are my suggestions. If you want to invent your own in place of any of these that is of course more than fine, just say so. You will also notice I’ve tried to include a table for all the factions people are playing (or I think they want to play soon). Don’t feel you have to do a table guys, we all have lives to lead and different skills, and we all understand that

Table 1: Gator Swamp (Lurkus)
Table 2: Khadorian Supply Station (nurgleonbass)
Table 3: Cryxian Necrotite Mine (Frogboy)
Table 4: The Docks : Privateers Paradise (nurgleonbass)
Table 5: Menoth Eyebrow Waxing Centre (Dreads)
Table 6: Desert Camp – Forces of Skorne (Ken)
Table 7: Blighted Forest (OgreKhan)
Table 8: Druids Grove (eragon)

Possible additions
Table 9: Mine (eragon)
Table 10: Trollblood Village – (nurgleonbass)
Table 11: Trench Warfare – (Lurkus)
Table 12: Retribution – (Eragon)

Post your pics and progress people!


One Response to Warmahordes

  1. Here are some pics of the Khador table. More to follow!

    Sorcha Sculpture and Trees

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